Design. Built to last.

I am a designer who also likes to code. I work with creative organisations and people of purpose to produce simple, solid, memorable works of design.

In a few more words

I work on digital, print and branding projects for people of purpose who give many hoots about their work, other people and the planet. My approach is wildly broad but my work is simple, solid and focused. I position myself as your creative partner providing straightforward, honest advice at the get-go, creative direction throughout the project, and solid aftercare once the project is through the door.

The day-to-day

  • Ideas

    I'm happy doing a lot of creative direction for people because I can't keep my mouth shut if I have an idea.

  • Websites

    If you build them beautiful, build them strong, build them simple and let the content do the talking then the people will come.

  • Print

    Sometimes I get the pleasure of pushing something “real” out into the world. Something printed on actual paper.

  • Branding

    Logos, and a healthy dose of guidance on things like tone of voice, typography and colour palette. Don’t expect a 300 page brand guide though.

  • Lettering

    This is a side project turned semi-professional, and where my love of art and words meet. More at

  • Side projects

    If I’m not doing something for someone else I’m doing something extra on the side for myself. Where lots of great things begin.

Recent projects


Stay small, stay low impact while making big waves in the right places. Do great work with great people who have purpose. More

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