I have always enjoyed how things work as much as how they look. I like to do the making as well as the visualising and it’s why I’m a designer and a developer. I guess it’s relatively unusual to do both, but it seems to me it should be more commonplace. Being a generalist is a great thing.

Other projects

Fast and Steady is the home for all my custom lettering.

I write a regular email newsletter called Old Gold focused on design and music with a little oddball thrown in for good measure.

I studied art at university in Virginia, and printmaking here in Bristol. I cofounded Snap, a printmaking cooperative, shop and gallery. Bits of current art making practice can be found at davidabbott.co.

I love typography, poetry, the countryside and folk songs and sometimes write about these things over on my blog Signal & Noise.

And finally, Document is a personal project mapping internal landscapes through photographs.

Studio mates

I work out of The Forge. It’s jam-packed with lovely, creative people. If you’re in Bristol you should come and say howdy.