All change

For 10 years I’ve had a great time working on client projects with the occasional personal project thrown in. I’ve maintained a high degree of creative control over most of my work, and done alright through a big recession. Not bad.

Not bad. But now better!

Years 1 through 5 were pretty much just a blast. Years 5 through 10 have been more challenging, both economically and – for want of a better word – spiritually.

It’s easy to begin to see work as rewarding primarily in the monetary sense. I’ve written about how it should be spiritually and financially rewarding to make work but what I’ve come to see is the long list of small spiritual compromises I am constantly ignoring in order to keep it financially rewarding. All those small ways one sacrifices a vision to maintain a nice level of comfort in life. It’s not like I’m amassing an absolute fortune doing this work, so those compromises are a little harder to justify. The next 5 years will be about redressing the balance in a big way towards the spirit.

So what’s changing? Welp, lots of things and not so much.

Firstly, I’m shelving the name Chesapeake. It will be mispronounced for the last time (at least in front of me) in March, 2019. When you call me you can ask for David, because that’s my name. It’s easier to pronounce.

Secondly, I’ll be involving more of my creative pursuits in my work. This is really the big motivation in moving from Chesapeake to Projects. The thing that excites me most is making things. Some of these things turn out to be services to clients, some of these things aren’t. I’m giving them equal weight from now on. Breadth is great. I’ll be collecting all these disparate projects here, where they can jostle about next to each other.

Thirdly, I will be broadening my network of collaborators, getting in other clever folk to help with the business of making good ideas happen. This will allow me to make better things for other people and for myself.

So what’s not changing? Well, the offering I provide to clients won’t be changing in the near future. I’m not changing. I’m staying exactly the same.

See you on the flip side.