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This website was conceived and built during June and July 2019 in Kirby CMS. I used a couple of plugins: Uniform for my contact form and Kirby Builder so that I could build each page in a modular fashion. I hope that this second plugin gets written into Kirby core in some form or another as it's definitely a much more flexible approach to content creation than static fields.

The typefaces are all from Klim Type Foundry. Headings and quotes are in Foundry Grotesk. The footer and smaller excerpts are in Pitch and the body copy is Untitled Sans.

The photo of me on the About page was taken by my pal TJ Huff on a boat near San Fruttuoso, Italy. I am probably laughing about the guy who looked just like Larry David who ferried us out of the small harbour. He was ridiculously ripped for an old dude.