Association for European Printing Museums

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    Late 2018
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Turns out the name Association of European Printing Museums is a little bit of a misnomer. In the half decade I’ve been working with the AEPM their membership has trebled and now covers the globe. As such, their website has exploded in size. 5 years on from the last refit, it was definitely time for an update.

Customisable and pre-configured content blocks can be added, reordered and removed on a page-by-page basis making the site more engaging. A brand new map of member museums continues the theme of increased interactivity.

I chose the typeface Mallory by Frere-Jones for its trans-Atlantic characteristics and readability. It’s the only typeface used for text across the site, which speaks volumes about its versatility and elegance. It has a nice heritage feel too.

The colours on the previous site were mainly of the pastel variety. I wanted to move into a much bolder scheme which turned out to be one of the real joys of putting this site together. The colours work a treat.

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