One May Morning

I held my first solo exhibition in May 2017 at The Forge, Bristol. The work was a series of small collages and screenprints inspired by folk music and made in mostly spare hours in the evening and at weekends during the preceding two years. Naturally, I had a blast designing all the graphics for One May Morning and building a simple one page website for the show.

Insta-marketing. Hand drawn, custom lettering.

Some photos Silkie Lloyd took for The Forge marketing

“A lot of people criticise folk songs because so many of them start with ‘As I walked out one May morning’, and they think, ‘Oh, here we go again’. But all it’s doing is, it’s setting up a song, setting up a song like a fairy story says “Once upon a time.” And you know May mornings are perfectly lovely to me so I never minded that. But what I do say is, you know, when you’re out on this walk you might meet a lover, or an old lover, returning from fighting abroad for seven long years, you might meet a seducer, you might meet the devil, who you could outwit, or you might meet death, who you couldn’t. And I just loved that thought. You know, that it’s everything, that it’s all inevitable eventually, you know, and that it’s so wonderful.”

Shirley Collins, The Wire, 2016

First row: Prepping in the studio; second row: Views of the exhibition

“The best thing is to use small pieces…and put them together as the mood takes you, without any pretence at creating a masterpiece, working by trial and error…You will find that this game gives the chance of self expression, that certain colours and forms which come into being by chance provoke certain sensations, and that certain strange colours remind you of something. You will find out that these images evoke feelings and memories from the distant past: the colours of a terrace where one played as a child, the waters of a river full of rapids and whirlpools, a square in the shadow of a great looming castle…”

Bruno Munari from Design as Art

Information sheets, simple wayfinding and a thank you note.

More on my art practice can be found at and @smallworks