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Purpose Scholarship

Commitment to positive environmental change through design

Not every great project has the budget it needs, and not every important change in the world gets the commitment to design it deserves. If this is true for your project I am here for you. Every year I will offer my branding services pro bono to an environmental project that captures my imagination. The first scholarship will be awarded in 2020.


I'm keeping an open mind about the kinds of projects I'd like to support but you're probably working in

  • environmental action
  • animal rights and protections
  • natural world advocacy
  • rewilding advocacy

Not sure you fit the bill? Drop me a line at studio@davidabbott.xyz to discuss your project.


Pitch me your project via email at studio@davidabbott.xyz. 2020 entries by December 31st, 2019. Please include:

  • a description of your organisation: vision, size, scope
  • a description of projects you have completed and hope to complete
  • some demonstration of need and understanding of why my approach would be beneficial to your organisation